Sunday, December 13, 2009

Seems Everything is Connected

"Life's a game, but it's not fair. I break the rules so I don't care." ... "The only thing that's on my mind is who's gonna run this town tonight." -Rihanna. It's on my headphones, plugged into my little computer speakers, sitting next to my Dell desktop PC, connected to my Lala music account. Earlier today, Chris Bathgate was filling the air in my kitchen/dining room/living room, and he was being pumped into this space via my iPod, plugged into some speakers, plugged into an extension cord, plugged get the idea. Seems everything is connected.

Seems everything is connected. My 13.5 mo old daughter is sleeping peacefully (I hope) upstairs in her crib, monitor blazing that little green light saying "Everything's ok. I'm on." The eternal sentinel watching over your most precious package. The other end of that electronic guardian is sitting above those computer speakers that my headphones are plugged into - now spouting Uprising by Muse - with its watchful green "on" eye glowing, but none of the red lights indicating a waking or crying baby. You dads get it. Seems everything is connected.

Seems everything is connected. I typed in today to see how my Pats did against the Panthers. On the right hand column, under Headlines, I see text with keywords "Pats" and "Panthers". Keywords. Of course. I don't remember what the actual phrase was. We don't read article headlines anymore, do we? Or did we ever? We just look for keywords. Weather. Murder. Winner. We probably never read full headlines before, but now we know what keywords are, and we are connected with our own brains more intimately by understanding the concept. Do I need to say it again? Seems everything is connected.

So I clicked the keyword link to see how my Pats did against the Panthers. And then it happened. I was treated to a 30 second video ad from Lexus. Lexus! I can't afford to put leather seats in my Accord. Well, I choose not to spend my limited funds on that. Right? We could afford probably any one luxury, certainly not all, of course; but we choose to spend our money on diapers, a well-needed babysitter.. you get it. Lexus. The only reason I did not immediately click away from was my wife interrupted me with some normal everyday question that I instinctively promoted above all Internet visuals, audios, text, etc in front of me. When we were done with our conversation, that damned Lexus ad was still running! 3...2...1...done! Then a stall while the Game Center console I wanted to look at loaded. Why does think my time is so invaluable that I would ever choose to sit through a 30 second snooty car commercial just to see some game stats when there are hundreds of other web sites, blogs, RSS feeds, that load much faster, I could get the same info from? Seems everything...

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